Knowingly or unknowingly everyone of us come to conclusions and we just pass on a comment or come to a decision by just a single action of others.I don’t say you must not judge others or you are a very mean person cause you’re judging others.Judging others is human’s natural behaviour and one is appreciated if they overcome it.

We believe only in what we wanted to believe,so let us keep our ego aside for sometime and try to look at the situation of others .If you don’t wanna bother about others then just don’t judge them.It’s as simple as that.It might be the case where you haven’t gone through that situation and who knows you might even end up like them.Okay! if you are that confident that you won’t end up like them,even then it’s fine cause everyone’s life is supposed to be different and everyone is brought here for some reason,So lets not judge others and make a fool of ourselves.

Just greet everyone with a smile and don’t judge them for what they are.You have nothing to do with their lives.Also keep away from the people who judge others(cause you might get tempted to judge others :-\ along with them)


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