I know its hard to get over one’s past.It’ll be easy once you know the reason which is dragging you back.

People say that “Its because you love them!”.Perhaps,they might be true.(I personally don’t believe it)

But if you really have moved on,its just the below circumstances pushing you backwards.

When its 2 a.m and your alone in room listening to some meaningful dope,YES,this is the most vulnerable situation everyone’s here might be familiar with.Every human is weak at one point or the other.But it doesn’t mean you miss your ex.It’s just the loneliness succumbing you to past.Avoid this situation as far as possible.But if its beyond your control just embrace the situation,but I can assure you that you will be normal by the morning with a cup of coffee:-)

When someone reminded you of your ex more than twice a day,when you have already thought about your ex once that day.You might think that there might be a reason.But its just a coincidence.But if they are constantly reminding of your ex,avoid such people who are no good for your mind.Just leave them there.

When you are on a fight with your loved ones,its just a thing which happens with everyone.It’s just out of anger.

When you are already depressed and one of their memory strikes,BOOM!!I can ask you just one favour, be positive about everything and you won’t have to face any depression.

When you are no where near sadness,but when someone asks “How ya doin??”.Its really a bad question to ask someone who have not yet decided their future.It makes them think about all the sad things that happened with them.So just never ask someone such questions(I might sound weird but it’s true)

When you’ve liked a song which reminds you about your breakup.Don’t listen to it.It triggers your brain badly(strictly prohbited:-\)

But if you have already decided that you want to spend your rest of your life running behind past.No one can help you except yourself.Give your life a change.Aren’t you bored?c’mmon!!


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