Some of us might experience feelings of numbness one or the other time.It makes us feel like we are not even alive and not any emotion can really effect us.We feel like having a barrier between us and the world. When people feel this void they are susceptible to PROVE THEIR EXISTENCE in violent ways such as self harm cause they feel like physical pain makes them feel like they are alive.

They might even end up in suicide.

They do dangerous adventures.

They might give up food cause they feel like starvation might help them to know that they are living.

They even might get into relationship problems or family issues voluntarily cause they want to feel the pain or emotion as they feel they were numb.


Know that you are not alone in this and there are a lot of people going through more worse situations than you or more like you.

Never be alone.Always surround yourself with your best people.

Engage yourself.Play a sport or read an autobiography.

Don’t react, instead respond wisely.Thinking about a situation makes you feel alive.

Talk about your feelings with people you trust or if you don’t have one, write or call to depression or suicide prevention organisations.They will help you.


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