I thought it was just an another day in my life untill i found myself writing this blog.It was a sudden decision.The thought of creating my own blog started when i was checking out my QUORA account and then i saw this section called CREATE A BLOG.I don’t know why i was so furious to create this blog overnight.Don’t just think that i created this blog within minutes.I never knew creating a blog would take hours.I have never spent this much time on any other work beside overthinking:-P So here i am suggesting a few things which might help you in creating a blog on mobile quickly.

1.Create your own URL at WORDPRESS.COM, not only many people blog here and you can also blog for free.Isn’t it cool?

2.Shorten your URL in google cause believe me it’s easy to remember your ex’s phone number than your complete URL!!

3.Install WORDPRESS app and customise your theme and settings to your choice.

4.Read beginners guide for bloggers.Select a niche and let your passion flow B-)

(P.S:I am not advertising WORDPRESS:-P i have created mine with wordpress you are free to use any other)

I don’t have a niche right now but i think i found one after writing this blog B-)


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